Welcome to the homepage of the
Evangelische Schule
Karlsplatz 14
1040 Vienna

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If you are interested in our school, call us at  +43 (01) 505 96 34 or send us an E-mail (direktion@ekms.at)

You can make an appointment to see the school and get first hand information. We would be pleased to see you!

We are also happy to get E-mails from other countries. If you are interested in contacting or corresponding with our pupils, send us an E-mail. Please keep in mind, that most of our pupils only speak and understand German and some English. But perhaps there are pupils here that can write to you in your mother tongue.

We are a Cooperative Middle School in the center of Vienna, Austria.

Our pupils are 10 14 years old.

We are a Lutheran school, but are open to other denominations and religions.

In a world that is growing smaller and smaller, we are happy to have contacts with schools and pupils from other countries.